The Apron Makes a Comeback!

A quick search on Etsy and your scrolling through hundreds of handmade creations complete with frills, lace and so much cuteness that I can hardly handle it! Cupcakes, skulls, polka dots – whatever you fancy in every colour of the rainbow. Aprons these days seem to have taken a different role in the kitchen. I for one don’t necessarily wear one when I’m beating eggs or baking cookies (what if I get something on it?) No ma’am, I wear my apron when I’m serving cocktails or having a party and it always matches my outfit. Have character’s like Mad Men’s Betty Draper influenced this influx of modern day women aspiring to be the best homemakers they can be? I would say yes – that or at least we all want to look the part. I think every lady should have at least one of these gorgeous frocks tucked away in a kitchen drawer – but don’t you dare wipe your buttery hands on it.

Get one of your own! From left to right: Blue and Red Gourmet Glam, I LOVE LUCY, From Paris with Love, and French Maid (which happens to be hanging in my kitchen right now!)


One Comment to “The Apron Makes a Comeback!”

  1. Eeek! I love are so crafty darling.

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