Mahan Zaeri – Art and Fashion

Mahan Zaeri has been drawing, painting, and creating since before she can even remember and it shows. My favourite pieces, “In Motion”, and “Into the Cosmos” (both sold and not to me… sigh) are just full of bright positive energy just like the artist herself. I had the pleasure of sitting down with Mahan and learning a little bit more about what inspires her. Mahan does look to outside influences such as fashion and interior design but it is really all about setting and being in the mood for her. When inspiration sparks, Mahan blasts the XX in her Vancouver apartment/studio and gets to it. Being somewhat of a self proclaimed perfectionist, Mahan reworks her pieces until they feel is just right. And if she doesn’t think something is perfect? Watch that back alley where she has admitted to put some paintings to rest and watched as a lucky someone walked away with them! Look for Zaeri’s work showcased around the city and be sure to check out her website.

Mahan’s latest venture is Lillian Rouge, her spring/summer 2011 clothing line which will be hitting Vancouver stores soon! Zaeri describes her line as ready to wear, transition pieces that most importantly, Mahan would wear herself.

I really look forward to seeing what she will come up with next. Mahan says that she is excited to continue challenging herself, trying new techniques and mediums, and to keep showing us all just how creative she is.


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