Ropes Lights by Christian Haas

Christian Haas’ career began in Germany shortly after he finished a degree in industrial design. His portfolio is extensive and includes everything from interior design, lighting design, chinaware, glassware and furniture design. In addition to personal design projects under his own label, Haas also works with renowned companies such as Villeroy & Boch and Volkswagen.

One of his latest 2011 collections, ROPES, is my personal favourite and I can pick a few spots in my apartment where I think these would look great. On his website, Haas describes the concept of ROPES as “a soft look and textile touch, energy-efficient technology, are combined to create an innovative light source and distinctive design object. Unlit, the lamps provide a graphic statement to their environment. Lit, they diffuse a gentle ambient light. Each unique and numbered piece varies in size and technique.”

Take a look at Haas’ website for a look at the complete ROPES collection as well as his other works.


3 Comments to “Ropes Lights by Christian Haas”

  1. Let’s make some version of these. Deal? Deal.

  2. I am interested in it as well,please let me join in. # with @)

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