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March 28, 2011

Lisbeth Jewelry by Sophie Alden

I love the way I feel when I wear something that I know is made with love. It puts a little spring in my step to know that I have something special on that was made by somebody who actually puts care into their craft. A great example are the gorgeous creations handmade by Vancouver’s Lisbeth Jewelry. Designer Sophie Alden comes from a family of fashionistas and she is no exception. Alden’s endeavors began when she worked in retail and made jewelry as a hobby. Soon everyone was taking notice of her unique style and Lisbeth got off the ground. My experience with Lisbeth has been nothing less than perfect. Last summer, one of my necklaces had an unfortunate accident (I broke it to pieces and lost a part of it). I thought it was gone forever but Sophie to the rescue… She was more than happy to repair it. Another great reason to support our local designers. Please visit Lisbeth’s website to take a look at the whole line.

February 16, 2011

The Apron Makes a Comeback!

A quick search on Etsy and your scrolling through hundreds of handmade creations complete with frills, lace and so much cuteness that I can hardly handle it! Cupcakes, skulls, polka dots – whatever you fancy in every colour of the rainbow. Aprons these days seem to have taken a different role in the kitchen. I for one don’t necessarily wear one when I’m beating eggs or baking cookies (what if I get something on it?) No ma’am, I wear my apron when I’m serving cocktails or having a party and it always matches my outfit. Have character’s like Mad Men’s Betty Draper influenced this influx of modern day women aspiring to be the best homemakers they can be? I would say yes – that or at least we all want to look the part. I think every lady should have at least one of these gorgeous frocks tucked away in a kitchen drawer – but don’t you dare wipe your buttery hands on it.

Get one of your own! From left to right: Blue and Red Gourmet Glam, I LOVE LUCY, From Paris with Love, and French Maid (which happens to be hanging in my kitchen right now!)